How To Join

How To Join


My goal as a mentor is to provide young scientists with the environment in which they can become skilled and self-sufficient, and to help them become leaders in their chosen field. I aim to give students the freedom to be creative, but also the guidance required to avoid getting bogged down. If you work with us, you can expect that we will invest substantial time and energy into helping you achieve your goals. By the same token, you will be expected to bring your own passion, ideas and skills to the table. If this sounds good to you, please do get in touch.

Contact me at before applying to Oregon State University, so that we can discuss your application. In your email, please include a description of your interests and how they fit with our work along with a CV.

Graduate students

I aim to accept one new Ph.D student every other year. If you are interested in doing a Ph.D with me at Oregon State University, first go here. Then get in touch and we can discuss opportunities. If you are an international student, I am happy to co-supervise.

Postdoctoral researchers

I am actively looking for post-doctoral researchers to work with. At OSU, a post-doc is a highly independent researcher, so if in your research you see any benefit in working with me, get in touch. There are many avenues for possible funds.